Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Another LeBron Leaving Story makes it out to be more than it really is, I for one am shocked. If you go to basketball page, as I'm writing this, theres a big pic of LeBron with the headline "Target: LeBron" and it has a link to its 'story' with this passage:
With a wealth of salary-cap space scheduled to become available by 2007, the Lakers reportedly have their sights set on making LeBron James an offer he can't refuse.
Then you click on the link expecting a big expose or some shit, and here's what you get:
Though the Lakers have a number of players in mind, sources have indicated for a number of months that LeBron James is indeed their primary goal in 2007.
Well, damn, what a story assholes. The Lakers might target LeBron as the top free agent of his class. Excellent reporting. Now for a follow up, the same one I always ask: Why would LeBron leave the Cavs and play for the Lakers. Will theLakers have a better team? Not likely. Can the Lakers offer him more money? Not at all. Has LeBron showed any signs of wanting to leave Cleveland? No. Oh, yeah, and finally, why would any superstar want to share a court with Kobe Bryant? I mean, he couldn't get along with Shaq. And we all know how tough it is to get along with the big fella..... *crickets chirping*

Look, I get it's the summer and I get it's the Lakers. There's not a lot of news, I understand. But SI makes it sound like there's this great offer out there, which as far as I can tell reads something like this:

"In the summer of 2007 we're gonna offer LeBron a chance to leave Cleveland for the sunny city of Los Angeles. Sure he'll make less money, will probably have to play second fiddle to Kobe Bryant, a nortorious ball hog, and it's highly unlikely Phil Jackson will still be here. But hey, at least its likely he'll be leaving a better team for less money. Isn't that how most major atheletes do it?"

What a scoop!

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