Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Monday Morning Quarterback, Tuesday Edition

Peter King:
I think I have some good information. I certainly know a lot of the people involved. And last week, I said: There is no way the Green Bay Packers are losing to the worst team in football, at home, on the day Reggie White's number is retired. There is no way the Chargers start 0-2. The Ravens, with whomever at quarterback, are going to squash Tennessee. And the Vikes. Those Vikes. Daunte Culpepper is due for a monster day against a suspect Cincy secondary.

Yeah, right.

I went 4-12 in Week 2 just picking winners. No spread involved. I am 14-18 on the season. If I just picked teams playing at home (including the Giants Monday night), I'd be 23-9. But nooooo. I have to be the smart guy.

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