Sunday, September 25, 2005

Busy All Day

I was busy all day today, back in town for the weekend.

The Wedding was beautiful, the music was great (string quartet and violin soloist), though I didn't care too much for the DJ. He wasn't bad by any means, but at the same time... meh.

OSU Football kicked some ass (Smith's won the job, but the O still needs work), plus Michigan AND Purdue lost. The two teams I hate most, awesome.

Tribe won, I was getting updates at the reception, so I was up to date all night. But they didn't gain any ground cause the White Sox won too.

There are two great articles right here. One is from Billmon, and it talks about pulling out of Iraq and the pros and cons, a really good read. The second is by Digby and talks about the college Republicans, it's an extremely interesting read.

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