Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Oh, and by the way

The Cavs signed Damon Jones.

So that team in Cleveland that LeBron wants to leave looks something like this:

PG: Eric Snow (if not traded)/Damon Jones
SG: Larry Hughes
SF: LeBron James
PF: Drew Gooden (if not traded)
C: Zydrunus Ilgaulkas

Bench: PF Donyell Marshall, SF Luke Jackson, SG Sasha Pavlovic, PF Anderson Varejao, SF/SG Ira Newble and the other half of the Jones/Snow combo. And it looks like they might sign Jahidi White. Also, there's still a chance Snow and/or Gooden could be traded. There's still that whole Knicks/Warriors/Cavs deal out there (Cavs trade Snow and/or Gooden, Knicks trade Jamal Crawford and the Warriors trade Derek Fisher and Troy Murphy).

They got some outside shooting with Jones, Marshall and Jackson and some defense with Snow, Hughes, Newble, Jones and Varejao.

Man, I would hate to be on that team, in my home town... lets go sign with the Knicks!

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