Thursday, September 01, 2005



But seriously, watch a game. It's not good. I'm with Simmons on this, I love basketball and I can't bring myself to watch this.

Is it purely the looks of the players? Tennis and volleyball get decent ratings, and I've been known to watch a womens water polo game in my day. Possibly.

But womens march madness does okay. Why not the WNBA?

One thing that I think could really help is if the NCAA played the women's basketball tournament in April instead of March. The games are well played and exciting, the problem is so are the mens games. And people would rather watch the men than the women.

But if their games are in April.... when nothing is going on. Early baseball, no football, late NBA season... nothin. Put on some womens college games; the excitement, the do or die games. Players stay for all four years, you can actually follow people. Then after watching some players for 2-4 years in the tourney, they move on to the pros and you might want to keep watching. (this isn't my idea, it was in a Page2 column a few years back, I can't find that column, but I support it completely).

Read the column, he comes off pretty angry, but it is good stuff.

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