Sunday, September 04, 2005

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[This went on way too long and rambled way to much, if you make it through the entire post, I comend you]

First of all, I was out of town most of the day (in Columbus for the OSU game), so if you actually check this daily, it went un-updated today.

Secondly, I've been thinking about what I want this blog to be like. I origionally wanted this to be a good Cleveland sports blog. A place where I can talk about the Cavs, Tribe and Browns (and mabye some OSU football too) and share my thoughts. I like to think I'm pretty knowagable on sports and the like, and I wanted to talk about that (and I think that is what I write about the best). I wanted this to be a sports blog. Somewhere people could go for Cleveland sports commentary (yea, I can dream right?).

Most blogs I read are political and stay political. It's more of a news source than a personal journal and that's what I was going for.

But at the same time, I'm interested in a ton of things and I wanted to comment on them as they happened. Mostly politics, but other news too, like music and movies and crap.

So the blog turned into a 'what is interesting Ben at the moment' blog. Which is fine, I can still focus mainly on sports, but also dabble in politics and music and what not.

I started this definitely not wanting to be a Xanga type journal. Like 'today I did this and I feel this and I had a weird dream and blah blah blah.' I didn't want this to be a personal journal as in all my deeps thoughts and shit, but at the same time, every once in awhile I'd like to get some shit off my mind, ya know? (Not that I'm dissing Xanga or Xanga users).

But my focus was on sports, I wanted to have a sports blog, and I feel like write intersting things on sports. But I'm driving down to Columbus last night after a movie/date-not date thing (lets be clear, for the record, again, I'm dumb) and I have the radio on one of those coast-to-coast late night radio programs.

And while I'm driving down to Columbus for a football game, I have a Mt. Dew, a Starbucks Frapachino thing and a Starbucks Double Shot thingy in my car (as I said, I left after a movie, I needed to stay awake) and the whole time I'm glued to the radio. It just hits me like a ton of bricks how fucking lucky I am. I have more than enough liquid for me. I'm not drinking to stay refreshed, I'm drinking for the caffeine. And there are people in my own country who haven't had a drink for days. And I'm drinking three drinks on my way down for a sporting event.

Like does this even matter? The mayor of New Orleans is pleading for more help, faster help. And I'm supposed to go on like everything is cool? Pretend like nothing is wrong? Pretend like there's not thousands of people dead and dying in my own country? Lets go see a football game? What else can I do? Part of me wanted to keep driving and just go try to help out. But I have no clue what the fuck to do. I have no idea what I can do, I've donated money, but there's tangible things that need done.


I'm worrying if OSU can stop the run and other people are worried if their baby will wake up tomorrow in the Superdome. I mean, what the fuck.

Do I just go on? Talk about how good Ohio State looked today? Talk about a quarterback controversy between Zwick and Smith (I'm a Zwick guy). Talk about the great game baseball game the Tribe lost today? About the wild card? About Anderson Varejao's shoulder sugery?

Do I go down and help? How do I even begin to do that? Is the effort coordinated at all? I mean I can't just drive down and pick up a shovel can I? Get in peoples way. Who knows.... send down clothes? Books (I mean these people have nothing right now, nothing, and they're stuck in a dome, I'm sure they need something to do)?

So will I continue talking about sports? Yes, definitely. I need the break from the news, if I keep thinking about Katrina and New Orleans I'm gonna get sick, I swear to God. Not to forget, because I think we can all understand where sports and movies ranks on the "important things in America list," not very high. But to help me cope with all this, this grand mess. (And I don't even have any personal connection to this).

Any way, that went pretty long and for that I apologize. If you made it all the way through that rambling mess... well... thanks for caring I guess. And if you think I take this small, little blog too seriously? Suck a fat one. I like the idea of having my thoughts semi-published for all to read and I like writing them. And I do take this seriously. Peace.

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