Monday, September 19, 2005

The Vikings

I really like seeing this team fail right now and I'm not really sure why. My buddy Jess is a huge Vikings fan and I usually pull for them for his sake. But right now I am loving the fact that they are fucking up.

First of all, I never would've traded Rany Moss. And if I did I would've gotten more than 1 first round pick (and a pretty good linebacker). Moss made Randal Cunngingham and Jeff George MVP canidates, think about that for a second.

Every time a QB left the Vikes, they've done worse (stats wise at least, Brad Johnson did guide the Bucs to a Super Bowl). Cunningham, George, Johnson... these guys haven't exactly lit it up around the league.

But this entire offseason no one, I repeat no one, seemed to think that Moss was that important to the Vikings offense. Culpepper would be fine everyone said. Then the season starts and lookie, Culpepper has 8 INTs in two games! EIGHT! Thats a season for some guys (or a game for Ty Detmer).

But for whatever reason I love seeing the Vikings lose right now. Maybe its the fact that Culpeppers struggles are proving me right or maybe I just hated his dumb retarted arm dance thing. I dunno, but whatever it is, I'm lovin it (ba da buh buh baaah).

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