Sunday, September 04, 2005

Shaw and Pluto: Bring on Texas


Zwick is the quarterback who lost three Big Ten games a year ago but he is Tressel’s kind of player. Smith is the one who accounted for 386 yards against the Wolverines but got suspended and busted down to the scout team.

So what to do? Tressel no doubt would love to beat Texas with Zwick starting. The risk is obvious. Tressel called the Miami game a “good workout.” Texas is nobody’s glorified scrimmage.

But with Ted Ginn Jr., Santonio Holmes, a spread offense that would put a sneer on Woody’s face and a defense that shut out Miami until two late scores burned the second- and third-teamers, don’t put it past him to stickwith Zwick. “A lot of people I think tried to get these guys to think a little ahead and think out forward,” the coach said. “But I thought we focused on the task at hand and took another half step.”

While some OSU fans will stay up nights wondering who will be the quarterback, they actually should sleep well. Having Smith and Zwick isn't a problem, it's a luxury. Both could start for most major-college programs, and that means the Buckeyes are protected against injuries at the most important position on the field.

Fans also should be content to know the defense comes as advertised. It constantly pressured Miami's quarterback, while at the same time shutting down the run.

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