Friday, September 23, 2005

Stupidest Man in America

Stole this from Atrios, but it bears repeating.

Here's the deal, Jeff Gannon was a reporter for Talon News and got to ask the president quetsions in briefings. He always asked softball questions. People started to wonder who this guy was, asking such partisan questions. They looked into Talon News and discovered that it was owned by a huge right wing donor. So they aren't exactly a fair newspaper. Then people looked into Gannon and learned that he wasn't exactly qualified to be in press briefings, found out his real name was Jame Guckert and used to work as a prostitute. Also, a lot of his stories were copy-paste jobs from real news sources or republican talking points. So a former male hooker, using a fake name, got to be in the same room as the president.

He was hired by a gay newspaper called the Washington Blade. Even though a lot of Gannon's old stories were against gays, and he has never himself said he's gay, he was hired.

And the editor of the paper write a column about how we should hear all voices, even if we don't agree. Of course I agree with that, more voices, more point of views, hoorary. But Gannon?

The problem with Gannon isn't that he's gay or republican or that he has different views. It's he was unqualfied, used to work in prostitution, lied about his background and commits intellectual fraud (by lifting stories). It's really not too hard to understand.

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