Thursday, September 29, 2005


I'm not overly upset at the Tribe's recent 3 game slump. Some people are freaking out (a Plain Dealer headline says 'Window Closing Fast,' that may be for the division, but not for the wild card, where the Tribe is tied for the lead.)

The last few games the Indians have lost by scores of: 5-4, 5-4, 1-0.

Yea, the losses hurt, and maybe the fact that the other teams in contention have lost too dulls the pain, but the Tribe can't win every single game. Sure this is a bad time to go on a 3 game skid, however, it's not like they've been getting killed. Three straight one run losses.

Last night hurt, cause the Tribe showed again that it cannot bunt the ball. I know what Wedge was trying to do, Broussard hits lead off double, try to bunt him to third and all you need is a fly ball to tie the game. They had the same type of situation against Tampa Bay before, and Wedge had Belliard attempt to bunt (it failed). Last night it was Boone.

Personally, with Boone seemingly to have a knack for big hits, I would've let him swing. Hindsight is 20/20 and it showed us that Boone can't really bunt either. Was it a poor choice? Not really, you try to manufacture runs. But this is what worried me about the Tribe's hot stretch, they hit a TON of home runs. It worked, they won, no complaints. But they never really had to manufacture runs, or have a rally with out them.

They still are tied with Boston for the wild card, so it's not like their chances for the postseason are shot, the division is almost completely out of reach. Still, it's gonna be a sweet last weekend.

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