Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Indians Win plus other stuff

Cliff Lee kicked ass tonight, I love late season baseball. Lee went 8 innings of shut out ball. Well played.

One site I read daily is Most Valuable Network, they have some sports blogs almost for every major sports team.




The Cavs one seems to be the best of the three Cleveland teams (but both the Cavs and Browns haven't been updated in some time...). The Indians guy seems to know his stuff, but he seems about to kill himself after every loss. Like, I get it, they shouldn't have thrown the ball away, but theres 932437 games a season in baseball, you're gonna lose some here and there.

But I know kids who do that all the time. The Indians lose and they're calling for peoples heads. I don't know, in baseball (and basketball for the most part) as long as the losses don't pile up, I don't tend to worry. In baseball just keep winning series and you'll be doing alright. In basketball... I dunno, this year may be different for the Cavs, since their older now. But still, I tend to take losses pretty well (except playoffs, obviously) and the Tribe writer from MVN seems to go off the deep end if they have a bad game. But anyway, good shit.

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