Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I'm Back

I haven't posted in a while because, well, I haven't had the internet (or TV).

It's been a pretty eventful 5 days or so, not a lot of sleep. Lets recap:

Wednesday - was out late at a bar in Hudson, came back and got sick (and in the process woke up my parents - awesome!)

Thursday - recovered, watched a movie and spent the night on a couch

Friday - Tribe game, bar and a ride home that can only be described as eventful and a late night visit to Kent. Got to bed at 4, 4:30ish

Saturday - Woke up at between 7 and 8, packed the car and drove down to Columbus. Got my keys, unpacked the car, went to the storage unit, loaded up the car, unacked it again. Walked around Columbus in the sun before the game. Went to the OSU-Texas game (which was awesome for the first 3 hours and not so much the last 20 min), yelled and stood for all of that and then passed out at 1:30-2ish.

Sunday - Woke up at 10, loaded up the car, parents came down and we moved shit in. Got the rest of my crap set up, desk, bed, dresser etc. Made 434398 trips to Target, bought a ton of crap. Got to bed at 4:30

Monday - Woke up 10ish, went on a giant grocery run. Drove up to Circuit City to get my paycheck. They informed me that they sent it out, but couldn't tell me which address, "the one on your application." Drove back to campus, stopped by my old place and told them if any mail comes for me to call my cell. Helped the roommates move a TV and watched Shaun of the Dead (pretty good, I enjoyed it).

Today - Woke up at 11, went to take a shower, half way in our water turned off. Dried off, got dressed, door knock. Cable guy here to set up our cable and internet. Looked outside and I see a fire hyrdrant basically flooding the street and learn my entire complex doesn't have water. Pay the cable guy, come upstairs, find that my internet is actually working and I type this.

So thats whats up with me, I'm now back online trying to get up to date with whats been going on in the world for the past few days.

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